Team management is one of the best way to achieved best result within organizations. The cross functional teams are continually working in different organization to develop the best solution for business excellence.

The team building is not so simple for professional that first time start working as a team leader. There are many issues that are linked with the team performance and if the team leader is not aware of these issues it becomes difficult to achieved the required results.

The key issues is how to achieved trust of the team members and it is a big challenge for  a new professional to build trust.


There are four fundamental factors of the trust buildings in management. These factors are described below

Intimacy is also known as tie-strength, in other way, spending of time with team members to know them better and create stronger bonds with them to achieve the ultimate goals of team.


The team leader should be competent and has sound knowledge and skills for that issues and team members will impress from his/her competence on early stage of the process.

The team leader shows true empathy, interest and concern for his/her team members. This is very important to realize them that they are important for the team and provide the foundation for motivation.

The most of the team leaders generally fails to successfully operate their teams because they did not focus on their own reliability. The reliability in team management demands to perform you committed activities in team meetings.

team work is key to success

Business Team Giving One Another High Five

These factors or not chance dependent and reliability, concern, Intimacy and competence are not happen by chance. The team leader is responsible to create a detail plan. The plan contains on what stage the leader demonstrate his competence and how to demonstrate. The dimensions of concern are also determined up-to some level. This does not mean you need to be their best friend it is only to reduce the barrier and get basic information about team members about the family life. This will develop a relationship among tam member and team leader.

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