The term total quality management is emerged from the quality revolution of Japan and now it is considered as a collection of tools that help organization to improve it process to increase products quality and satisfied their customers by exceeding their expectation. The TQM implementation fails in many organizations because organizations overlook the soft TQM. Soft TQM is very important to achieve required results. The elements of the soft TQM are enlisted below.



The workforce commitment is one of the main components of the soft TQM. It covers how employees actively participates in improvements programs and shared their ideas to improve the operations in organization. Moreover workforce commitment assists in the cultural change to adopt the culture of quality and innovation. The workforce is clearly understand the concept of internal customers and if organization fails to satisfied these customers the TQM initiatives are unable to produce the planned results. The workforce commitment enables the organization to reduce the communication barriers and also everyone owns his responsibility rather to blame others.


Everyone in organization clearly understands the organization vision and translates the vision into his role in organization to follow up the cumulative goals rather than individual goals. The employees should be able to plan the job activities in a way that effectively leads to vision. The mission statement is effectively communicated in all employees. Everyone in organization no matter on what level it is working and in which scope he is working it must clearly know who are their customers and what are other stakeholders and mange their input in his planning to achieved the required results. The training and development of the employees are integral to lead the employees how they work with a shared vision rather than individual work approach to increase the customers satisfaction.



Organization must clearly know what its customer’s requirements are because no matter how much it improved its process but if unable to meet and exceed the customer requirements all efforts cannot produce the required business results. More the customer’s requirements now change in relatively short time so organization must considered future requirements of the customer in its improvement programs.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus


Organization must adopt a supporting culture to effectively build, deployed the teams on improvement projects to achieve the required results. The team culture considerably increase the outcome of the teams working in production operations


This is one of the important way to align the personal values with organizational values to achieved the actual goals. These training help employees to understand the importance of the of the improvement projects and team work and also provide the basic theoretical foundation to develop the road-maps to effectively implement improvement projects.


Organization should maintain highly trustful relation with suppliers so when organization start improvements projects or want to chance it process to improve quality at that time suppliers contribution in sense of providing the required material of high quality in time at competitive prices. If suppliers are unable to respond the change or provide quality material then organization has practically very limited scope for improvements.

Total Quality Management

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