Exploring Linkage of Quality Management to Innovation

In modern age the focus is shifting from quality as a competitive tool to innovation. The question arise “is quality dead?”. Mostly quality professional believes that quality will always be critical but the innovation is the way to improve competitiveness. It is most important for organization to manage both. According to McAdam Quality is doing things better and innovation is doing things differently.

The organization those only focus on quality as a competitive tool are termed as quality organization while the organization those adopted quality as well as innovation are named as balanced organization


Fundamental principles of TQM are focus on customers and stakeholders, participation and teamwork by everyone in the organization and process focus supported by continuous improvement. By varying emphasis on these fundamental principles of TQM following dualities exist in practice of TQM.


TQM tools   that have been adopted to achieve excellence are classified into soft TQM and hard TQM. Only quality oriented organization mostly hard TQM rather than soft TQM (customer satisfaction).


Intension of the organization to adopt TQM is also classified into two categories. Quality oriented organization only adopt TQM into their production process in order to improve their production process and balanced organization (working with both quality and innovation) adopt TQM in all their process to achieve the maximum advantage.


Adoption of TQM tools also based on focus. Quality organizations wants to improve its internal process only while balanced organizations planed to achieved internal as well as external results such as customer satisfaction.


innovation and quality management



Change how the organization views innovation – from seeing innovation as simply ‘technology’ to seeing innovation as a means to achieve profitability and quality

Work to change the company culture to  forward thinking and proactive. For example:

  1.  consider strategic planning that goes beyond cost-cutting
  2.  Benchmark competitors
  3. Proactively focus on customers.

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