10 Steps of Process Mapping and Business Excellence

What is a process?

Process is a activity which utilize resource to transform Inputs into outputs by applying controls. Business excellence can be achieved by improving all process within organization.

What are controls?

Controls are engineering specification, policy and strategy, external constraints.

What is input?

Inputs are data and material

Business Excellence Process model

What are resources or mechanism?

Mechanism or resources are people, machinery and technology.

What is output?

Outputs are data, information and knowledge, products and services



  1. Choose the process-based on identified areas of improvement and determine its scope.
  2. Choose the process sponsor at the appropriate management level and the process team.
  3. Choose the outside facilitator (possible a customer or supplier to the process).
  4. Decide on the title of the process and purpose of the process.
  5. Determine current level of performance of the process.
  6. Identify the level of performance required for the process (also compare with best performance of a competitor or outside the company.
  7. Categories high level processes and sub-processes.
  8. Flowchart sub processes, activities and tasks.
  9. Determine and implement an action plan for process improvement or re-engineering.
  10. Measure the results and continuously improve the process to achieve business excellence.

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